Collection of silences: 1

As I wrote in my last post, classical music has a very close  — and happy, I would say — relation with silence. That can not be said about all genres of music, for example techno or dixieland.

But let’s not have a competition, trying to prove who is best and most superior. Let’s leave the question of genre and focus on silence.

Silence is not much to focus on, you might say.

But it IS. It really can be. In this series I am going to present a number of pieces where we can discover or rediscover silence.

Just as there are different kinds of music (happy, dark, violent, tender or listless) there are different kinds of silence. I will not be a boring professor and name them or make a catalog.

Let’s just sink our auditory teeth into these slices of “nothing”…

ornament5bI will start off with a classic, Claude Debussy’s “L’après-midi d’un faune”, a piece you might or might not know. If it is new to you, I envy you. Imagine, hearing this for the very first time!

Let me just point out, without talking about minutes and seconds, that silence is to be found at the very beginning of the piece.


PS: Just one more thing. Even though I find the images to this video very poetic and congenial I recommend listening with closed eyes. At least the first time. Allow you ears the rare luxury to be exclusively pampered, leaving all other senses aside.

Closing our eyes…. isn’t this how life is? When we have a breathtaking experience — of food, nature, perfume, love — we close our eyes and savor it with our inner vision. This applies to music as well; by shutting off vision we strengthen listening. Especially in a world as visually overcrowded (littered?) as ours this should be mentioned.

Enough talk. Now music!

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