The contents of Melosophia


This first text is not going to be long, but high flying.

I mean that I will try to be like a bird and look “down” on music from above. What I see-hear is almost impossible to describe: all the sounds, rhythms, noises, instruments and voices.

To be able to talk about Melosophia we need some kind of language or mental models. (It is the same with wine, without a vocabulary we can only say “Ah… ohhh. I really like that A LOT!” or “This one tastes better than the first one”. Primitive, almost like being back in the Stone age.)

However, the usual technical descriptions and analytical tools are not used here. They refer too much to a micro perspective.

Be open to another perspective. At the same time, do not expect perfect analytic models. This is an exploration in progress.

ornament5bWhen I try to fly really high this is what I see in the wonderful country of music:

Tendencies (Yin, Yang, centripetal, centrifugal)
Talents (musicality, sight reading talent, etc.)
People (musicians, singers, conductors, etc)
Things (instruments, CD-s, etc)

Is something missing from this, surely incomplete, list? Music, of course.

THINGS are not very interesting. The PEOPLE of Melosophia are in many ways interesting. The TALENTS are extremely interesting, especially when seen as not only belonging in Melosophia but also in the world at large. (For example, the ability to listen and to hear well are essential for musicians, but also important in our everyday lives.) The TENDENCIES help us finding and seeing a larger perspective, as from a satellite in the stratosphere.

This was our short overture. Let the adventure begin.

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